Our hope is that by granting a wish experience this will enable the child to feel better both emotionally and physically. As such, the child and family will experience a real positive experience that will hopefully lift the child’s spirits and help them to be better able to endure treatments and battle their life-threatening illness.

Wish experiences are for the whole family, as battling a life-threatening illness has an impact on everyone in the household. Examples of wish experiences may include a trip to Disney World, spending time on an oceanside beach, or meeting and spending time with a famous athlete/movie star/singer (obviously not always as easy to grant). We will do our best to grant as many wishes as we can.

If you have a child that has a life-threatening illness, or know of one that you would like to refer to us, please use the contact page to tell us your story and what the wish experience would be for the child. In order to respect the privacy of families, we will only reach out to families after we have obtained a request to contact them.


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